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You want to feel like yourself again!

Through it all, you have persevered. You've achieved the so-called American Dream. You have the stable job, the house, the significant other, the kids. Your friends and family think you've really got your act pulled together. Your life looks like the pinnacle of achievement for many around you. You've always been responsible and driven, motivated by your challenging circumstances, putting others before yourself and working doggedly to achieve a fulfilled life.

But, the truth is things are funky. You feel like life is unraveling. You feel out of control. You are burned-out. And, something is missing.

You want more from life but feel stuck in your current circumstances. You're in a funk and you have no idea how to get out of it. You've been stuck for a while, and you want to move forward, but you're not sure where to start. You know you're not showing the world all you have to offer and you have some baggage that's holding you back - probably more than you care to acknowledge.

Yet, day after day, life has been passing you by and you haven't taken intentional steps to move your life in the direction you want. You're not even sure if this is possible.

Yep, you're in a rut.

One thing is for sure, this funk has got to go or you may end up in the unemployment line because you've been wearing your funk on your shoulder at work too. Relationships are tense, your career has stagnated, your performance reviews are slipping and your reputation has changed - and not for the better.

In the next 24 hours, this book will help you implement strategies that will help you:

- Identify why you're in a funk

- Reconnect with your true brilliance

- Get over your weaknesses and stop worrying about them

- Connect how your funk at home translates into funk in the office

- Focus on what makes you happy and bring more of it into your life

- Start living inspired about your future again

During her own journey of self-discovery, Vanessa Newport developed short- cut strategies for readers to lead with their brilliance and banish the B.S. that's holding them back in life and work.

Your path to conquering your funk, once and for all, starts inside this book!


Book Reviews

The author helps you find your brilliance and demands that you let it shine. A true guiding light out of the depths of your funk. Vanessa became a bigger advocate for my happiness in the first few chapters of this book than I ever had been for myself in 33 years. I’ll change that now!
— Christine O.
After reading this book, I understand why I haven’t been able to change my situation in the past!
— Brandy J.
What a gift we have been offered here. Anyone willing to open their hearts and mind will benefit from this book. Examining oneself can be painful but powerful exercise, however, reading and applying Vanessa’s principles can and will empower you!
— Lori B.
Vanessa teaches you how to get to the root of your problem instead of just dancing around it. Her poignant life stories and reliability bring the lessons and information to life. A must read for anyone stuck on the treadmill of life.
— Mitch A.
Reading this book literally had me exclaiming. ‘My life is going to change for the better!’ I am known for being a very positive person and I’ve been working happily with my employer for over a decade, but I couldn’t help but find great tools to help me improve in all aspects of my personal and professional life! I have already started a list of loved ones who I KNOW will love benefiting from Vanessa Newport’s beautifully honest examples and life lessons!
— Jerrod G.
Well written, easy to read book with excellent exercises to examine why you’re stuck in your life, how to get unstuck and thus eliminate that which no longer serves you and has been hindering you to be your best, most authentic and happy self.
— Barbara F.
Understanding how life experiences, including trauma, affects our behavior can be very difficult. Vanessa’s book allows the reader to take the first steps in this process. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels a little lost and wants to develop a plan to move forward.”
— Bob N.
I’ve always avoided thinking about behaviors that I regret, but eventually you have to deal with your own B.S. and this book teaches you how to deal with it in a unique way using relatable examples along the way.
— Kim B.
A bold, direct, transparent approach to communicate how self-reflection and discovery led to major breakthroughs, both personally and professionally. This is a smart book with unique stories about how the author found her way through challenging circumstances and is helping others through her experiences.
— Vonda M.