A Midlife Crisis? You Decide.

Are you kidding me????

One of my friends recently asked me if I was I was having a midlife crisis.

I mean, I did turn 40 last year, but what could she possibly be talking about?

During my daily meditation, *poof* I realized what she meant!

> She noticed that I was moving forward in my life again; making decisions confidently that I used to stew over or totally avoid!

>> She noticed that I didn’t hate Sundays anymore (you know, because Monday was coming) and was instead now excited to see what Monday AND the rest of the week had in store for me!

>>> She noticed that I wasn’t talking about “the past” anymore; that I was able to make peace with the long-list of people and situations that I continually blamed for my depression, trauma, and B.S.

>>>> She noticed that my physical appearance was changing; my weight was dropping and I had more energy and actually looked BETTER, despite experiencing a long list of medical-mystery type of symptoms.

>>>>> She noticed I was thriving at my corporate job; instead of fearing I was going to get fired for saying “no” too many times because I was over overwhelmed and constantly in conflict, I was getting recognized for being a valued contributor.

>>>>>> She noticed that my negativity was nearly non-existent; that my judgement of myself and others had been replaced with positivity and hope.

>>>>>>>> She noticed that I was more peaceful and was saying “yes” to more fun and challenging opportunities without feeling overwhelmed.

>>>>>>>>> AND she noticed I was taking massive action on following my dreams!

But, what she ACTUALLY noticed was me stepping into my soul-purpose: figuring out how to navigate all of the funk I was in, transform my life and teach my discoveries to YOU (I even wrote and published this book about it last year)!

Now, I help women [who are ready to poke their eyeballs out with a dull pencil] create a midlife makeover plan so their second half can be their best half.

If you're desperately seeking a proven solution to finally get out of your funk and transform YOUR life, connect with me on Facebook and let's chat about it.

I'm Vanessa Newport, a real person, who was formerly in a deep, dark, swirling funk, on a mission to help you MAKEOVER YOUR YOUR MIDLIFE so you can get off the couch and start living life again!