Catapult Your Confidence 16 Week Semi-Private Group Coaching

Catapult Your Confidence 16 Week Semi-Private Group Coaching

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If you’re ready to go from BURNOUT TO REBOOT, you’re invited to register to attend my complimentary Masterclass where you’ll learn the 5 SHIFTS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE & CAREER!

At the risk of sounding Pollyanna-ish, it's not as hard as burned out corporate professional women think to get their act together when they feel like *everything* is out of control. Personally, I made it really hard for myself for nearly 20 years because I didn’t know how to transform myself into who I really wanted to be... and was *super busy* being a single mom, putting myself through college and climbing the corporate ladder to focus much attention on it anyway.

I found myself approaching my 40's with a mental-sticky-note-list that was uncontrollable and the worst of it was that underneath the veil of *success* was a woman who couldn't seem to manage things like:

- Run-away-train of weight gain
- Yo-yo dieting
- Pre-diabetes and other medical problems
- Feeling like a drained battery
- Poor emotional responses to people and situations
- Incessant negative thinking and arguments in my head... with myself...
- Cynical outlook on life
- Feeling like I was a fraud in my career
- Lack of confidence in nearly everything (yet everyone thought I was one of the most confident people they knew!)

I could not get out of the funk I was in even though I KNEW there was so much more for me if I could just get out of my own way -- I felt like crawling out of my own skin and was chronically unhappy despite having all the *things* I thought would make me happy.

And despite being known for having my fair share of moxie, to be honest... I felt like a hot mess and out of integrity with the woman I knew was dying to awaken inside.

Frankly, I wasted a lot of time being stubborn and stuck in my stories of the past and old thinking patterns.

These days though, it's different for me and it's possible for others too.

My clients are using the step-by-step game plan I figured out to catapult their confidence (the meaningful way), get their act together, and get back to feeling like a human again (instead of a burned out corporate drone) so they can reboot their lives and careers.

They're surprising their families, friends and even physicians with inspiring transformations, and doing all this even with a crazy demanding job, a hectic social life, and busy family schedule.

To find out exactly how they're doing this, just register for my free upcoming masterclass where I share all the details.

It will be the best thing you watch while drinking your venti-fat-free-mocha-latte.

P.S. An invitation to talk to me directly and apply for my 16-Week Transformation Program is included.

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