I help women learn (mind+body+spirit+soul) solutions to feel better.

Recover from personal and professional burnout to awaken the woman you’re daring to reclaim.


Vanessa’s style is loving, engaging, transparent and bold in just the right way. When working with her, you’ll learn that she is committed to you and also extremely passionate about helping you live as your best self, so you can flourish and live the life you most desire. She has a solid background in guiding and supporting others in personal and professional development, which is critical to achieving results. Vanessa’s professional success coupled with her personal triumphs have given her the experience and wisdom one requires in order to be an effective guide for others. You can trust Vanessa to be your mentor and guide!
— Anne A.
If you’ve been thinking about personal and professional coaching, stop thinking and do it! Vanessa is the woman you want coaching you. She will take the time to understand what challenges you may be facing, work with you to create a plan to address those challenges, help you develop clear action steps, and then work with you in follow up to make sure you are seeing positive progress. With the recent release of her book “Conquering Your Funk” and her vast knowledge and experience with coaching, Vanessa is definitely the person you want in your corner if you are interested in making positive changes — changes that will help you become the person you always knew you could be!
— Stacy R.
Vanessa’s energy and inner beauty is evident in everything she touches. Her transparency and honesty creates an instant trust and friendship.
— Monica D.
Vanessa is a very clear, articulate, purposeful, and passionate speaker/communicator. She is also an equally effective listener. She’s genuine and heartfelt every step of the way. As Vanessa has mentored me, I’ve learned to feel calm in my day to day madness and have faith in the days to come. I’d recommend her writings and/or mentorship to anyone, women and men alike.
— Nicole K.
Before working with Vanessa, I felt like my life was falling apart. A lot of things had to change, but I didn’t know where to start. I knew I had so much potential if I could just get out of my own way. It wasn’t always this way, but life caught up with me and I got stuck for a lot longer than I care to admit. Vanessa helped me gather my thoughts and organize them in a way where I could start addressing my chaos. She led me through a process that helped me start healing emotional wounds and find the value in my experiences, even when I wasn’t convinced there was any. Vanessa helped me transition my thinking — to start using it as a powerful force of transformation instead of self-destruction. Going through Vanessa’s program allowed me to start making progress in every aspect of my life, because when I changed, I started seeing the world differently, and started respecting myself on a level I never had before. I was one of those people who was eating massive amounts of sugar and processed foods and didn’t even know how much until I actually paid attention to it. The most immediate result I experienced after getting a handle on it was a feeling of overall stability that I hadn’t felt in a long time. My personal and work relationships improved, I started making confident decisions regarding my business, setting challenging financial goals and most of all, I changed the relationship I had with myself. I have hope about my future again and am excited for the second-half of life I am actively creating, no longer feeling trapped by my “old-self”.
— Debbie C.

I’m passionate about leading those who are navigating through the same challenges I once struggled with — that was, approaching 40 and feeling lost, frustrated and uninspired in my own life. I was sick of my own bullshit — the self-sabotaging of my personal and professional life — so I dug down deep and found a way to completely transform my life by rebooting from burnout and finding a way to feel better. Now I teach others to do the same.
— Vanessa Newport
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